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Bhardwaj Movers & Packers doesn't rent, vend, or give out your information to anyone outside of Bhardwaj Moving service. or its authorized agents. Only Bhardwaj Movers & Packers or an agent working on behalf of Bhardwaj Movers & Packers may have access to information gathered through this web point. The full textbook of our sequestration Policy is below.

Full textbook interpretation:

Bhardwaj Movers & Packers has created this sequestration statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to sequestration. The following discloses the information gathering and dispersion practices for all disciplines possessed by Bhardwaj Movers and Packers

Information Collection and Use:

Bhardwaj Movers & Packers is the sole proprietor of the information collected on this point. We'll not vend, partake, or rent this information to others in ways different from what's bared in this statement. Bhardwaj Movers & Packers collects information from our druggies at several different points on our website.


Important security information- dispatch fiddle:

The Bhardwaj Movers & Packers website platoon has been made apprehensive of a number of fake emails that appear to be transferred from Bhardwaj Movers asking druggies to confirm their dispatch address and/ or password. However, please communicate with us incontinent, If you're ever concerned about any dispatches that are or feel to be from Bhardwaj Movers & Packers.

Collection of IP addresses and the use of"Cookies":

When you visit our point, some information similar to your Internet protocol address, Internet service provider, operating system, the point from which you arrived, and the time and date of your visit may be collected automatically as part of the software operation of this point. Bhardwaj Movers & Packers also collects information through the use of a technology called" eyefuls". The use of cookie technology on is solely for internal marketing purposes.

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