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Terms & Conditions

  1. Bhardwaj Movers & Packers have certain terms and conditions to be followed by you while serving our services. These include.

  2. Bhardwaj Movers & Packers or its representative won't be responsible for any kind of damages or loss that passed to your goods due to natural disaster, unlooked-for accident, fire, screams, or sabotage. thus, to avoid similar losses, we advise you to ensure your payload to avoid threats.

  3. We aren't responsible to take over electrical, carpentry, or plumbing work. If demanded we will give those depending upon the vacuity of the staff with redundant charges.

  4. We take over the threat of your goods, but no individual policy/ damage from the insurance company will be given.

  5. We give storehouse installations to our guests at a lower rate. still, for loading, unloading, and original delivery, we take redundant charges.

  6. We'd be thankful if you insinuate us 3- 4 days before to deliver hassle-free packaging.

  7. Please pay 25 in advance on the total quantum.

  8. If you want to take redundant goods piecemeal from those mentioned in the goods list you're welcome. still, we charge redundant plutocrats for similar particulars.

  9. For auto transportation, it's obligatory that your auto should contain an acceptable quantum of Petrol or Diesel.

  10. After the original shifting corrugated box should be returned back on the same day. However, we charge a certain quantum, If the client is transferring the boxes in the coming day.

  11. We'll charge redundant in case you call our packers on a posterior day for your convenience.

  12. Still, you can do so within 24 hours of the order being placed, If you want to cancel your order. Cancellation will be rejected once the cargo has been packed.

  13. It's to be noted that the below-mentioned terms and conditions may change in the future as per the demand of Bhardwaj Movers & Packers.

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